Frequently Asked Questions

CTAMP Frequently Asked Questions

What does a CTAMP membership include?

A CTAMP membership includes all privileges and benefits associated with the Texas Association of Mortgage Brokers (TAMB) and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB). In addition, there are local benefits including free education seminars, discounted activities and website privileges. Memberships are renewed on an annual basis and details can be found under the Membership menu tab.

My boss has a membership, so can I use it too?

No, all memberships are individual based, not company based and non- transferable to anyone else. Every individual needs their own membership.

Why should I join?

Taking advantage of all benefits at every level will basically help pay for the membership each year, but above all, you are showing your integrity and professionalism by being a part of your industry’s professional association. With strong numbers both in membership and in assets, CTAMP/TAMP/NAMB can have a strong influence in the governmental process with respect to the direction of legislation and regulation impacting the mortgage brokerage industry. This is your business and livelihood. Be a part of making a difference!

If I do not make a reservation, may I still attend CTAMP meetings and functions?

We ask all individuals to please RSVP for CTAMP activities to help ensure space, resources and in some cases, food availability. Details can always be found in the information on the Calendar menu tab. Even if you have not made a reservation you are welcome to attend CTAMP activities.

How and when do I receive my certificate for CE credits from Education classes or Events?

Currently, in approximately a week after the activity, you will receive via email your course certificate. You must sign in and sign out showing you attended the entire session.

How can I become more involved in CTAMP?

CTAMP always welcomes volunteers to help out with various activities, issues or bring new ideas to the group. Please send an email to or go to the Officer's page to directly contact a Chair representative in your area of interest.

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