• The Mortgage Broker shall act in accordance with any laws, rules and regulations of the State of Texas and in accordance with the By-laws of the Greater Houston Association of Mortgage Brokers.
  • The Mortgage Broker shall perform his business in a manner reflecting honor and integrity. He shall avoid and report fraudulent and unethical practices to the Association or State Agency charged with regulating the practices of brokers in the State of Texas.
  • The Mortgage Broker shall abide by generally accepted principles of real estate valuation when reporting to the investor regarding the valuation of the offered collateral of his loan.
  • The Mortgage Broker shall advise the relevant parties of any equity interest he may have in the collateral offered as security for the mortgage loan.
  • The Mortgage Broker shall not advise, advertise terms and conditions not available and not likely to be made available.
  • The Mortgage Broker shall not speak despairingly of the business of his competitor or of a transaction being negotiated by a competitor.
  • Disputes between members shall be resolved by decisions of the Ethics and Grievance Committee.
Professional Licensed Mortgaged Brokers and Loan Officers are:

  • Residential real estate finance professionals
  • Experts at navigating the way through the mortgage lending process
  • Able to provide the loan products of many lenders
  • Affordable consultants who can save their customer time and money
  • Specialists with resources of knowledge on available mortgage loan products

“Professional’s Dedicated to Consumer Choices”

email: info@ctamp.org

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